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The Nehme Watersports Training Academy was designed by Sam Nehme to be the world's first  leading watersports training facility geared toward training professional watercross racers, developing young talent and focusing on saving lives through training in water safety.


Based in Broward County, the non-profit academy has professional training level instructors that will offer a host of watersports  related and recreational activities and special events. It is projected that this academy will draw  participants from all over the world.  Our focus of the professional skill development of watersport training include:


  • Developing young talent to progress to professional racing

  • Pro Racer Training for International Racing Events

  • Water safety for recreational owners

  • Training first responders to save lives



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Amateur Racing Certification

The certification program is structured towards individuals that wish to participate and become eligible to be drafted by sanction race teams.

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Race Ready Training Program

The NWTA’s expert trainers will provide customized training programs to prepare young riders and amateur racers.

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Operator Certification

This NWTA operator license is an 8-hour certification course geared towards jetski training, and is run predominantly on the water. You will learn all the essential skills and knowledge to gain the NWTA proficiency certificate.

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Elite Rescue Certification

A Rescue certification program focused on the use of watercraft for emergency life savior will be offered to civilians and first responders. These elite individuals will serve has first responding rescue operators activated during natural disaster and other emergency activities.

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